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Insulated Windows and Doors - Is your window fogged up, cracked or just dirty inside? We offer replacement services for all insulated units, including sliders and custom fabrications.


Storm Windows - We can replace glass in the old aluminum frames and  we even carry stock of old hard-to-find parts.  New storms can be built to fit into existing screen openings to save heating costs.


Plexiglass and Lexan - These plastics can be used in storm windows, doors, tabletops, guards, picture frames, covers, etc.


Mirrors - We stock mirror glass for fixing wall decorations, cabinets and framed mirrors.  We also make custom shapes with polished edges for exposed edge applications.  


Picture Glass - Framed glass pictures may reflect the surrounding house lights or the sun during the day. We stock non-glare glass and it eliminates the reflection from adjacent light sources.  Bring in your picture frames and we will install new non-glare glass. 


Woodstove Glass - Special heat glass is required in stoves.  Most of our customers are frustrated at the extreme cost of OEM sourced glass.  We buy glass in larger sections and cut it to fit your stove door for a fraction of the price.  Ask if we can find some used glass if your budget is tight.


Screens - We have a large selection of screen materials including Pet Screen, Vision Perfect, Heavy duty, Fiberglass, Aluminum and more.  We offer custom-built screens of any size with many frames to choose from, including strong extruded aluminum and color options.







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